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Kitchen Cutlery Cleaner Cleaning Tool Fast Save Time Saver Easy Dish Washing

Kitchen Cutlery Cleaner Cleaning Tool Fast Save Time Saver Easy Dish Washing

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Cutlery Clean'R

Tool Needed in Kitchen / Saves Lots of Time!






Speed and efficiency are the name of the game. Stop wasting time and effort with rags, sponges and brushes, and get your cutlery and other utensils cleaner than ever. Powerful bristles pack the interior and overlap for maximum coverage. Just plunge down to quickly remove caked on food and other grime with the gentle cleaning action. Use with a single item or several. A fast and easy way to clean knives and utensils after cooking, also an everyday time saver for those without a dishwasher. A large suction cup on the back allows for attachment to your sink, and the lasting bond will keep it ready for action, whenever you need it. The durable plastic shell is completely lined with bristles on both sides, and they are the perfect length to give full coverage without preventing movement. The nylon material provides a scratch-proof scrubber that removes food in a matter of seconds, and the flexible material is both powerful and gentle, so you can use it with confidence on any utensil without worry of scratching or damage. It can be used to wash a single knife after chopping vegetables or several pieces of silverware all at the same time. Just add a bit of soap and water. For best result sink and suction cup should be dry. Drizzle dishwasher soap over the bristles to remove food debris. More than 1 piece of cutlery can be cleaned at the same time. To clean cutlery clean simply drizzle dishwasher soap over the bristles and allow water to run through until the bristle are clean.

Package Contents

·         1 x Cutlery Clean’R


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