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Flourish Lama Rubber Pads Sticky Stick Washable Reuseable Easy Fast Tape Quick

Flourish Lama Rubber Pads Sticky Stick Washable Reuseable Easy Fast Tape Quick

$3.50 $7.90

Flourish Lama Rubber Pads

Stick Anything Anywhere!








·         100% Brand New in Retail Box Packaging

·         High Quality

·         Do not need any glue or nails, use as long as a light rejection, you can stick to the wall, even if the uneven wall is no problem 

·         Do not have to worry about tearing off, the glue will not make the above, as long as the water rinse, immediately change! 

·         When the temperature reaches 100 ° C, there is no case of melting or deformation 

·         Sticky bottles will not fall on the wall, but it is not recommended to challenge its use limit (we remind customers to pay attention to the safety of goods, heavier, vulnerable, expensive items should be avoided as long as possible vertical or inverted Paste to prevent accidental damage)

·         Anti-slip flourish lama sticky gel pad is very useful product in our daily life, it can be used to stick anything at anywhere, such as phone, pad, cap, camera, keys, mirrors or metal in the car, table or some other places, and it is also really effective to remove fluff, dust, pet hairs from shirt or laptop. 

·         Sticky gel pads do have strong stickiness, but if you are trying to stick on overweight objects, you should use more than one flourish lama to securely hold your object to the desired surface. 

·         Another factor that affects stickiness of Rubber Pad is type of surface and shape of the object you want to stick. 

·         The contact area is bigger; the object will stick more tightly on gel pad. 

·         Do not expose your flourish lama to the sun for a long time, especially in car use.

·         Before use sticky gel pad, please ensure contact surface dry and clean.

·         Flourish lama is not suitable on delicate surface, paper, lime wall, rough surface, and granular surface. 

Package Contents

·         1 x Soap Shape Flourish Lama Rubber Pad

·         1 x Rectangle Shape Flourish Lama Rubber Pad


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